About the Program

A yoga teacher must commit to constantly learn more about the practice—not just anatomy or new adjustments, but also the many facets of this age-old philosophy, and its evolution in the modern world.

The whole Align&Refine Yoga program consists of: three (3) 100-hour practice intensives and a 200-hour teacher training program.

The three practice intensives are designed to enrich your personal practice of yoga, and quickly broaden your understanding of the physical body.

Our 200-hr teacher training program is seprated into two (2) 100-hr modules. These modules have been carefully mapped to expose trainees to different strategies and approaches to teaching asana, and to incorporate other facets of yoga, in order to craft intriguing and engaging yoga practices.

100-Hour Practice Intensives

The three 100-hour practice intensive courses provide in-depth asana immersion and deconstruction of Arm Balances, Backbends, and Inversions.

200-Hour Teacher Training

The 200-hour teacher training course, which is divided into two 100-hour modules, teaches a basic framework for cueing, so you can look at bodies and figure out what needs to be done.

Certified by Yoga Alliance

Align&Refine Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS)® and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)®.

About the Trainer

Marc led the faculty of Urban Ashram Yoga for seven years. He has over a thousand hours of teacher training certifications from recognized yoga schools such as YogaWorks and SmartFlow Yoga; and has studied directly under the founders of these schools, Maty Ezraty (YogaWorks) and Annie Carpenter (SmartFlow Yoga).

He developed the Align&Refine Yoga class format in the studio to address the need for a more individualized and intuitive practice for mixed level classes. Together with the Align&Refine Yoga team, he creates practice-centered intensive programs which provide students and trainees opportunities to delve deeper into their practice with a straightforward approach to teaching yoga.

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Our Philosophy

There is no one way to practice yoga asana, because we are all different. We all have different bodies, different mindsets, which require different approaches. Teaching yoga must be tailored, especially in public class settings, for the individual to reap the most benefits from a steady, consistent practice of yoga.

Given that the practice is different for each person, yoga teachers have a big responsibility to shepherd their students towards a place where they can sit in between strength and relaxation, hopefully bringing them a step closer to a sense of enlightenment.

Modern-day yoga teachers need to adopt an imaginative and expansive view of teaching in order to cultivate practices that remain relevant in students’ lives.


The work starts out simply enough with re-learning how bodily movement is generated by muscular actions in different ways and how muscular work can be tweaked to achieve vastly different effects. With intelligent coaching and smart sequences, one is taught to be mindful about moving into poses, so that even as you progress into the more challenging asanas, safety is key.

Consistent Practice

Through consistent practice over an extended period of time, students receive a more realistic understanding of what is physically possible within their own bodies in asana, as well as become more comfortable with respecting the limitations of what their bodies can do on any given day of practice. they also begin to identify what they need to do in order to cultivate and preserve the integrity of whatever it is that they are working on on and off of their mats.


Props are used as a means to contextualise, to quantify and qualify what we are really doing when we move through practice. The use of props does not make the work of asana any easier but rather, it’s used as a tool to awaken and to tap into parts of the body that are either sleepy or sometimes even completely obstructed from view.


Align & Refine gives students access and insight into different parts of their physical and mental conditions so that they become more aware of, better able to utilize their strengths, recognize and attend to their weaknesses. You grow to understand the complex architecture of your body and how it responds when you activate certain muscles in order to access a specific set of poses. The course sets you up for the most challenging poses so that you find yourself open and ready for them. Surprisingly, these poses aren’t necessarily the end goals, in and of themselves. The journey towards preparing your body so intelligently is the reward itself.

Individualized Practice

There is a huge need to individualize the practice of asana even within a public class setting, and Align & Refine addresses this need by equipping practitioners with the tools and skills necessary for them to make better decisions about what they need to do for themselves and their continued well-being on the mat.

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