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The A&R Teacher Training Programs

Learning yoga takes time.

The full program consists of a 200-hour and a 300-hour teacher training module. Each training is broken down into 100-hour modular components.

We offer both week-long intensives modules as well a modules that span from 1-2 months that take place in various locations. Pick trainings based on the location, date or the curriculum.

200-Hour Teacher Training

A simple and straightforward approach to teaching asana

In the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, our students gain a thorough foundation to begin teaching yoga with a strong component in anatomy and alignment alongside the traditional philosophy. They will learn to teach asana that will be specific to each student’s body, movement patterns, and mindsets.

The 200-hour teacher training course places emphasis on teaching skills and being able to communicate clearly. From day one, trainees will be given the tools to see and understand, and the guided vocabulary to speak about how the body moves. The course provides an extensive online resource, study guides, and fun activities to facilitate learning and love for teaching.

The course will not only be an immersion into one’s own asana practice, but also an immediate dive into teaching poses, learning to sequence intelligently, instructing with precision, and learning to distill the physical practice of yoga so that modifications and variations can be offered in public classes without sacrificing the integrity of the practice.


Module 1: Align

Intensive Format (Daily)
Upcoming Training: TBA

Module 2: Refine

Weekend Format (Sat & Sun)
Upcoming Training: TBA

300-Hour Teacher Training

Cultivate discernment in the way you practice and in the way you teach.

The 300-hour yoga teacher training focuses on a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and the practical applications of traditional yoga philosophy. During our 300-hour yoga teacher training intensive modules, we educate our teachers to understand the body so that they can understand how to apply the practice to the individual with any style or level, to create a more customized and more meaningful yoga practice.

The 300-hour teacher training is broken down into three (3) 100 hour modules. Each module provides an in-depth asana immersion and deconstruction of Arm Balances, Backbends, and Inversions. They focus on proper body mechanics, muscle release and activation, and balancing the body’s tendencies and strengths to prepare it for more challenging poses. The intensives are guides for personalizing your practice, both as students and teachers, for self-practice and application into your classes.


Arm Balances

Weekend Format (Sat & Sun)
August 3 to September 1, 2019
8:00 am – 6:00 pm
YogaPlus Makati + BGC


Weekend Format (Sat & Sun)
November 9 – December 8, 2019
YogaPlus Makati + BGC


Weekend Format (Sat & Sun)
February 15- March 8, 2020
YogaPlus Makati + BGC

* All 100 hour modules have a 6th weekend for yoga teachers who are completing each program for their continuing education.

Progressive and inclusive flow classes

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