200-Hour Teacher Training

A simple and straightforward approach to teaching asana.

In the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, our students gain a thorough foundation to begin teaching yoga. Our program has a strong anatomy and alignment component alongside the traditional yoga philosophy. They will learn to teach asana that will be specific to each student’s body, movement patterns, and mindsets.

The 200-hour teacher training course places emphasis on teaching skills and being able to communicate clearly. From day one, trainees will be given the tools to see and understand, and the guided vocabulary to speak about how the body moves.

The course provides an extensive online resource library, study guides, printed manuals and fun activities to facilitate learning and love for teaching.

The course will not only be an immersion into one’s own asana practice, but also an immediate dive into:

– teaching poses
– learning to sequence intelligently
– instructing with precision
– learning to distill the physical practice of yoga so that modifications and variations can be offered in public classes without sacrificing the integrity of the practice.

Module 1: Align

Module 1 is an intensive 10-day session focused on building communication skills for teaching yoga classes, understanding anatomy as a basis for sequencing, bringing yoga principles and philosophy into daily life, and the business and ethics of teaching yoga.

This module covers the foundations of yoga teaching. It is highly recommended for all—practitioners, prospective teachers, current teachers, as well movement practitioners and fitness instructors who want to integrate yoga into their skill set.

Module 2: Refine

Module 2 is spread over five weekends, and aims to explore twists, backbends, forward folds, and inversions in great detail. It is focused on refining teaching skills by looking at the body and understanding its needs, and utilizing appropriate props and adjustment techniques.

This module seeks to refine and build on a yoga teacher’s existing set of skills. It is open to curious practitioners who would like to deepen their practice with awareness and intelligence, but is largely aimed towards prospective teachers, recent training graduates, and current teachers who are curious about new strategies that can be valuable additions to their teaching toolkits.

Course Objectives

• Practice teaching and receive feedback
• Understand yoga anatomy
• Learn to sequence intelligently and progressively
• Learn adjustments and creative ways to use props
• Discuss practical applications of yoga philosophy
• Learn the business of yoga
• Learn to work with injuries and know basic first aid

Course Subjects

1 Daily Morning Asana & Meditation
2 Breathwork & Basic Pranayama
3 Yoga Anatomy & Movement
4 Teaching Methodology
5 Practice Teaching
6 Philosophy
7 Business & Ethics of Yoga
8 Working with Injuries
9 Basic First Aid

Course Inclusions

1 Asana Practice
2 Practical Anatomy
3 General Adjustments
4 Practical Methodology
5 Individualized Physical Homework
7 Philosophy & Journaling
8 Course Manual
9 Exclusive Access to A&R Online Resource Library

Pre-Requisites and Application

A minimum of one year consistent practice, including regular 3-6 day per week practice. We’d like to get to know you better prior to the training as we work closely with our teachers to guarantee a higher level of proficiency.

Application form will be emailed directly to you. Submission will be via email as well.






Align&Refine Yoga welcome kit
Access to online resource library
Yoga anatomy book
Sequencing guidelines
Practice manual


Module 1 TBA
Module 2 TBA
Full Course TBA


Upon completion of both teacher training modules and 40 additional practice hours, students will receive their 200-hour teacher training certification.

Align&Refine Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS)® and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)®.

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